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Maintaining a healthy ongoing relationship with children following a divorce or parental separation is obviously of utmost importance.

To serve those ends, the Texas courts have set up custody guidelines to foster the parent-child bond. In Texas, conservatorship is the legal term that refers to the more colloquial

Assuming no extenuating circumstances, the courts will seek to set up a joint managing conservatorship – that is to say that a child splits time between both parents. The converse – sole managing conservatorship – is generally reserved for situations in which it is not in the best interest of the child for the decision-making power to be limited for any reason. In any case, the parents must come up with a visitation schedule, and decisions on medical care, religion, educational issues and where the child will reside.

Assuming the parents cannot resolve these issues through negotiation and settlement, they will have to go before the court to address them.

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