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Drug possession charges may not stand up to scrutiny

| May 21, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Receiving drug possession charges is never something to take lightly, especially if you value your freedom and your future. In many cases, these charges lead to convictions with some of the stiffest punishments among non-violent crimes, so even a first-time offense is something to fight with all your resources.

This is easier said than done, especially if you suspect that the evidence against you is strong. However, even evidence that appears strong may not stand up to careful scrutiny, and you may still beat your charges with a strong legal strategy. Examine your circumstances in Canyon Lake and use high-quality legal information and guidance so that your rights remain secure while you fight for your freedom.

Examining police conduct

The sooner you begin building your defense, the sooner you can assess the evidence that the prosecution holds against you and the claims it makes about how your arrest occurred. It is possible that the arresting officers violated your rights or did not follow proper police procedure during your arrest, which may give you some leverage.

This is particularly important if police violated your rights during your arrest interaction. While there may be officers of the law that weild their power unfairly, they do not generally have the freedom to break the law in order to uphold the law.

Examining the evidence

If police charged you with drug possession, then the prosecution must be able to produce the evidence. You can often compel them to produce the evidence by requesting that it undergo laboratory testing, which may give you two distinct advantages.

When you request laboratory testing for the evidence against you, the prosecution must find it and relay it to the laboratory. If they cannot do so, then there is much less evidence standing between you and freedom.

If they do manage to produce the evidence, testing may reveal that the substance does not match your charges. You may even have opportunities to challenge the results themselves, or scrutinize the methods used by the lab.

As you build your defense, you may find many opportunities to push back against the prosecution’s narrative of the events that led to your arrest. However, if you put off the important step of building your defense, you have many fewer options. Even waiting for a few days gives the prosecution time to make their case against you even stronger. Drug charges don’t have to mean an automatic conviction, but you must build a strong strategy to protect your rights and interests.