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Semitruck crashes come from many causes

| Feb 21, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Safety on the interstates is imperative for all drivers. These high-speed roads have large semitrucks and smaller personal vehicles, which can make for a deadly combination when all drivers aren’t paying close attention to what’s happening on the road.

Accidents that happen between semitrucks and smaller vehicles can lead to catastrophic injuries. These crashes can be due to a host of causes, some of which are the fault of the trucker or related to the rig itself. Determining the cause of the wreck is imperative for victims who choose to seek compensation.

Trucker errors

Truckers who aren’t following proper safety procedures can cause crashes. The problems that can lead to issues include driving while fatigued or distracted. Drunk driving is another possible issue, which is why the legal limit for blood alcohol concentration in commercial drivers is less than for others.

Some dangers are caused by improper loading and cargo securement. This might be the fault of the trucker or the individuals who loaded the trailer if the trucker just hooks up and drives. Of course, the trucker should check things to make sure that it is all secure for the drive.

Lax training

Training is important when operating a big rig. While these truckers do need to hold a license to drive a basic rig, there are also endorsements that they might need to drive special ones. For example, truckers hauling hazardous materials need to have a special endorsement.

Tight deadlines

These professional drivers sometimes have to meet very tight deadlines. While offering prompt service is good from a business standpoint, trucking companies should ensure that they are still providing enough time for truckers to drive safely. Things like traffic jams and other issues can mean that the haul takes longer than normal. The trucker shouldn’t have to drive longer than what is allowed or drive unsafely in an effort to meet the delivery time.

For the victims of crashes with semitrucks, the resulting medical bills and other financial considerations can lead to money troubles. Those individuals might turn to a personal injury claim to recover the damages. This isn’t a quick solution, especially when a trial is necessary. Some people are able to resolve it faster using a settlement, but this possibility should be carefully considered to ensure that it is truly the best option.