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The importance of estate planning after the birth of a child

| Apr 6, 2017 | Estate Planning |

For many couples expecting a baby, their arrival is preceded by a great amount of planning. Decisions about where to have the baby, what his or her nursery should look like, and when both parents work, who will supply care, are all matters that need to be determined. While these are of course all important, there are other things that should be addressed as well.

Most parents welcoming a new life into the world do not want to think about the end of theirs. However, the change in family structure is the perfect time to create an estate plan or update yours if you already have one.

Perhaps the most important thing this plan should do is provide the name of the person who you want to care for your child if both you and your spouse meet an untimely death. This can alleviate disagreements between family members who might all want to care for the child. The failure to do this could leave the fate of your child to a court to decide. After you have decided who you would like it to be, you should ask him or her if he or she is prepared to take on that job.

Once you have decided who will care for your child you should also make sure you address the financial needs your child might have. Even if your estate is not substantial, you should determine how to get what you do have to your child.

Estate planning matters can be complicated. To make sure your goals are achieved in the plan it is a good idea to work with a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer.