Our Results

  • January 2015 - $2.5 Million Confidential Settlement of Premise Liability and Personal Injury Case
  • December 2014 - DTPA Case Settled at Mediation Whereas Plaintiff Counsel Negotiated a Confidential Settlement With Two Fortune 500 Companies and a Total of Eight Defendants; All Defendants Paid damages in the Settlement; Comal County
  • 2014 - Two Hotly Contested Probate Cases Involving Informal or Common Law Marriage Claims Resulting in Favorable Settlements; Comal County
  • Obtained Dismissal With Prejudice on All Claims in Defense of Fraud of Daughter of the Marriage for Fraudulent Transfer of Community; Bexar County
  • March 2014 - Trial on Merits in Divorce Where Client Awarded Custody and Attorney Fees; Comal County
  • Criminal Motion to Adjudicate Guilt, Client Facing 25 Years, Charges Dismissed Upon Our Motion for Lack of Evidence.
  • $2.3 Million Arbitration Award and Judgment: Constructive Trust and Unjust Enrichment Real Estate Case
  • $750K Confidential Settlement by Rare Successful Action Enforcing Indemnification agreement